Saturday, June 23, 2012

Pride Run

Ok, there are some things I love about the Pride Run and some things that really irritate me. First, the irritations-there must be more non-regular runners in this race that in most others. I got the sense that a lot of runners didn't understand where to move on the course if they weren't running, how to slow down for water, not to run 4-abreast, and how to start the race efficiently. I've never had such a frustrating start, it took forever to really get moving.

Now the good stuff! This is a really fun and friendly race! From the NY Cheerleaders, to the music, to the colorful and sparkly outfits, to the smart and funny pro-equality messages, it's just an all around good vibe. I got a fist bump from another runner right after we crossed the finish line-that doesn't happen nearly often enough! Last year was especially spectacular since the race took place about 12 hours after the NY Senate passed our marriage equality law.

This morning I took the subway a few stops, then ran to Central Park, did a lap around the reservoir, then ran to the start-just barely made it with a quick bathroom stop! I was already sweating buckets by that point-according to the NYRR site, we had 93% humidity at the start. Ugh!
I did ok-nothing terrible at all, but not great either. My race time was 43:46, and my pace was 8:46, 21 seconds slower per mile than the Shelter Island 10K. But, I have to keep in mind that is was hot as hell (again) this morning-definitely one of the most sweltering race days that I remember! I'm looking forward to a bike ride and long run tomorrow with Katie and Fiona, followed by ice cream and BBQ!

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