Saturday, February 2, 2013

Who is tired of running in the cold?

My classes started this past week, and I walked out of the last one (of 3) asking myself what the hell I'd done. Three classes while working full time, moving soon, trying to run a bunch and train for 3 long races? Oh and joining the board of Women in Real Estate at school? Some serious poor decision making here.
BUT. It's only for a few months. Finals are at the beginning of May (just before Ragnar!) and I've been telling myself I can do anything for four months. We'll see if I'm right...
My point here is that I've got to get a handle on my time management and my sleep schedule. I  went to sleep really late 3 times this week and so I only got two runs in-at least they were really good runs!
On Monday night Steph and I went to the Lululemon Run Club (speedwork) in the park. We figured we had time to get a few miles in before it started at 7:15 so decided to do a loop around the park. It was treacherous! The disgusting "wintery mix" meant we were sliding all over the place. I felt like I used so much extra energy just trying not to fall head over heels. We felt fairly certain that the run club would be canceled but it was not and we along with some other fools headed back to the park. The workout ended up being pretty half hearted because everyone was afraid to run too quickly on the slippery hill. We finished with a bit of plyometric work, and based on Steph's calculations, she and I got in 9 or 10 miles that evening.
Last night's run was nothing interesting-14 miles in the park and on the WSH, followed by a quick walk through the main hall at Grand Central to see the celebrations for the station's (technically, terminal's) 100th birthday, then on to margaritas and Mexican food. 

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