Monday, January 28, 2013

The Flu of 2013 BLOWS

So it turns out that all of that feeling like I was getting sick might have been right after all. After my and Steph's BAMF run a couple of weeks ago, I headed to DC for the weekend, didn't get tons of sleep, and came back to NY definitely feeling a little worse for wear. All week I felt like I was coming down with something, so I decided to skip workouts and sleep in more, in hopes of staving off any potential sickness. By Saturday I felt pretty crappy and I woke up Sunday morning with a fever, chills, sweats, and awful achiness everywhere. Hello, flu, it's been awhile since we've met!

I thought I had the flu last fall-I was wrong. I'd forgotten how awful it is! I could barely walk to the bathroom I was hurting so badly. It was during the first few days of the terrible cold, and I had to go out to buy Gatorade, ginger ale, soup, and tissues (4 boxes used!). I was in bed for three days, watched all of Downton Abbey (sympathized with those who suffered from the Spanish flu, much more delicately than I), and was just generally miserable.

Of course, even after I left my bed and went to work I was exhausted and recovering for a few more days so still no working out. As per my usual idiocy, I decided my first run in two weeks, after being weak from the flu, would be the 16 mile run that is on my schedule for DC. If you put money on my utterly failing at that one, you'd win! Steph and I made a (not so) valiant attempt to grind out those miles but I managed to complain how hot I was (yes, in 23 degrees), how I had to pee, how I wanted hot chocolate instead of running, how my legs felt like lead weights, my general unhappiness, until I finally just came to a halt on the east side of Central Park and announced I was in no mood to keep going. Steph, being smarter than I, convinced me to at least run back to the gym (b/c walking in that temperature is even more awful) and we probably finished our workout with 5 miles under our belts.

I'm never the one who needs to be convinced to keep going through uncomfortable weather or tight/unhappy muscles. It's so unlike me to just completely fail at even trying to run. Part of me wants to beat myself up over it, but at the same time I felt like yeah, sometimes I need to push through the discomfort and pain of running (remember it's not supposed to be easy) but at the same time....I run because I like to run. It makes me happy and it feels good. This run did not feel good, I was beyond miserable and I just didn't see the point in pushing through that. I don't want to hate it.

I felt uplifted by today's run though! I met Steph again after work, we ran about 5 miles through the park, not fast because it was really slippery from the snow/rain/hail/sleet wintry mix we're getting, but we only cared about the distance. Then we met the other runners from the Lululemon run club and did a speed workout with them (pretty nerve wracking on that wintry mix!). All in all, I probably got 7 miles in today and enjoyed it so I feel confident about getting it together over the next couple of weeks for the DC marathon.

How about you, my dear (very few readers)? When have you just failed on a run attempt? What did you do to boost your confidence back up?

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