Thursday, January 10, 2013

Two-a-day and an Ocean Run!

I started using Sarah's  Type-A training log, because I need an easy way to track my miles if I'm going to do the 1,000 mile challenge this year! It's pretty awesome and easy to use, and I'm glad I didn't have to do anything but click on Fiona's link to get it!

Monday was a pretty hardcore day. I woke up early to drop my things off at the gym and meet Fiona in Central Park for a bright & early run (6 total, to and from the gym). We only ran 5 miles in the park (no Harlem hills!) and I was surprised our pace was only 8:50. I guess I was still pretty tired and sore, because it felt like I was working much harder! Later that day I started feeling like I was coming down with this damn flu that everyone has.
And then Steph convinced us both to join her for the Lululemon NYC run club workout in Central Park. Toward the end of the day, I started feeling like it might be stupid to go because I really felt like I was coming down with something, but it had been quite awhile since I'd done two workouts in a day and I figured it would give me an excuse to take Nyquil before bed and sleep in the next morning so I'd be more rested and well. It was a lot of fun! We ran from the store to the Great Lawn, divided into teams and did relay races around the lawn. Each leg was only 400 meters but I was still sore from the morning and Saturday's run (and feeling sick!), so my legs felt like jelly after about 200 meters and it was totally mental from there. My team ended up winning the overall race, which was fun of course! I don't think I've sprinted since my last track workout back in July, so it felt really great even though my lungs hated me and the cold air!

Wednesday morning I skipped my run because I had a 7am flight to Miami for work. I hoped to run on the beach before dinner (construction sites shut down early!) but got caught up in work emails in a Starbucks. So I checked into the Dream Hotel, and had a friend pick me up for dinner. Two glasses of sparkling rose, salad with spicy shrimp, and I returned to sleep in this cool glow-y blue bed:

In the morning, I was excited to run near the ocean before heading to my construction site. I didn't bother bringing my running gear when I was here last week because I knew the kind of trip it would be (read: full of alcohol and lacking in sleep), and I knew I wouldn't end up running. But there were a few times I looked longingly at people who were running along the sea wall on Ocean Drive, so I was pretty happy for the opportunity to do it today! My hotel was a block from the beach, so I ran out and back in one direction for 3 miles, then the same in the other direction (or close to, it only ended up being 5.5 miles total somehow). I didn't have water and it was (obviously) hotter than I'm used to lately so it did feel pretty hard but it was really fun to run somewhere so different from NYC right now and I was mostly just glad I'd gotten myself out of bed for it. 
Average pace was 8:40/mile. 

Gratuitous beach photos:

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