Friday, July 20, 2012

Around and around the track...

Thursday track workout! I had some stuff to deal with on Wednesday night/Thursday morning so I did the workout at night. I kind of love being on the track at night, with a view of the East River bridges and boats going by. The track isn't very busy at that time but there are enough people there that it still feels safe. Still, it is dark and whenever someone comes through the creaky old turnstile, it makes this scary-movie, old door swinging open noise that you can hear across the track.

Workout: 12x400, with 200 meter recovery. Goal is 5K pace. For me, that means I shoot for between 1:45 and 1:50 per lap (1:45=7:00 mile). I tried to keep it in that range for most of the workout, and then pick it up during the final third, and going as hard as I could on the final lap.

1: 1:39
2: 1:45
3: 1:42
4: 1:46
5: 1:45
6: 1:44
7: 1:45
8: 1:49
9: 1:41
10: 1:36
11: 1:39
12: 1:26

Next up: 15 miles tomorrow, on the North Fork! 

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