Monday, July 16, 2012

First week success!

I had a really good week, running-wise. After my very awesome almost-a-tempo-run on Tuesday, I had two workouts on Thursday. In the morning was track practice, where we did this:

2x400 w/200 recovery
2x800 w/400 recovery
2x1200 w/400 recovery
with the first of each set at 10K pace, and the second at 5K pace. I didn't time my splits since the coach was doing it, and I can't remember what they were but I do know that I was pretty happy with each split time he told me.
Then that night I met up with a friend who has been advising me on running for a couple of years now. He helped me with my first half-marathon training plan, and has helped with my marathon plan as well. We met on the east side of the 102nd St Transverse in Central Park, and ran about 6 miles together-my total run was one full loop around the park, with an additional loop of the Harlem hills. That was a pretty tough run after the morning workout, and I ran it a little faster than I'd planned since my partner is much more speedy than I am!
Then, on Saturday morning, I met some of my favorite running buddies-Fiona, Katie, and Loren-to run an easy long run. I had planned to do 14 but the route I planned only ended up being 13 because Fi and I were exhausted and decided to skip the Williamsburg Bridge. I would normally have kept going but we had designed our route to end at the Doughnut Plant in Chelsea. I went old school in my choices-nothing like ended a great week of workouts with a jam-filled and a blueberry doughnut! OMG the blueberry!

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