Friday, January 11, 2013


Definition of BAMF :)

Runs like these are what badass is made of. It was dark after work. And cold. 41 degrees. Also rainy. But I have an early bus to DC tomorrow and a party tomorrow night that will very likely result in my being useless on Sunday, so I was decided to run tonight. Thankfully, Steph decided last night to run with me (before we knew the weather...mwahahaha!). It was (is) so miserable out, I'm not sure I would have done it without a partner.

First stop, Sports Authority to buy fuel, then we dropped our things at the NYSC on 51st and Lex.  Thank goodness I bought a water resistant shell (in white) at The Gap today, because even with that on I was a soaked, freezing mess by the end. Literally when I bent over to stretch afterward, water poured out of the hood of my jacket! We did two loops of Central Park, front loading the Harlem hills by doing that loop twice on our first time around, then scooting across the 102nd St transverse the second time. This was freaking hard. It's been awhile since I was so uncomfortable during a run, but of course those result in being extra proud of your accomplishments, and realizing how hardcore we can be. So thank you Steph!!!

My DC marathon plan had me doing 12 miles this weekend, and we ended up running 14 with the trip from the gym and back. And that's 30 miles for the week.

It was one of those nights where you feel kinship with every other runner you see because you know everyone is thinking "yeah, we're all kind of crazy. And we love it"

I have a new training mantra:

Also, note to Laura, I signed up for the Vermont marathon today! I think Steph and Fiona are doing it as well so that should be a fun weekend!

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